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GE Charging Station Product Features

GE offers a highly versatile line of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Check out GE's complete EV product line.

GE Charge Stations

Product Features

GE EV charging station product features include:

  • Fast Level 2 Charging. 208-240V/30AMP with 7.2 kW AC charging power output will complete a full-cycle charging in up to four hours for the typical EV with a 16.5-24.0 kWh battery. Guests can charge overnight or during the day as needed.
  • Universal Charging Connector. The industry standard Level 2 SAE J1772 connector stores neatly in the station's socket and fits nearly every plug-in electric vehicle (Tesla owners have an adaptor).
  • Easy to Use. GE EV charging stations use color-coding to let your guest know when the charging station is available (white) is charging (green) or is not operating (red).
  • Safety. GE charging stations provide both ground fault protection and surge protection (6kV at 3,000 Amps), are outdoor rated (NEMA 3R) and meet applicable safety standards.
  • Reliability. Standard three-year parts warranty.
  • Future Proof. The modular design allows for easy upgrades as needs change and more options become available.

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