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EV Connect Overview & Benefits

EV Connect is the only software company in the electric vehicle (EV) industry with an open and customizable platform for managing the entire EV charging station experience, both for your guests and you, as the owner. From your initial consultation to the day your property's new charging station are powered up, EV Connect manages everything for you, including software, hardware, installation, management, maintenance and support.

This type of turnkey charging solution is made possible in two ways. The first is EV Connect's advanced software that provides robust management for your GE charging stations. The second is the EV Connect Charge CloudTM


Benefits of using EV Connect software with the EV Connect Charge Cloud include:

  • Driver Support. U.S.-based, 24/7 driver support, including driver on-boarding.
  • Easy Installation. Assessment, set-up and configuration for host-site chargers.
  • Compatibility. Easy integration with enterprise systems.
  • Cost Recoup. Pricing controls, including customized pricing plans for unique driver groups.
  • Remote Management. Including starting and stopping, queuing, software updates and more.
  • Driver Interface. Notifications and alerts to charging station users.
  • Exposure. Simplified EV charging station location discovery for drivers.
  • Reporting. On-demand and scheduled reporting with kWh and Green House Emissions savings.
  • Maintenance. Automatic alerts dispatch EV Connect maintenance personnel.
  • Extended Care. Warranty support offered.

EV Charge Cloud

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